Storm Damage Mitigation

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If a tree falls on a house and no one's around to hear it - does it still cause damage? Yes.

Watermark Restoration Solutions can handle your emergency service board-ups and tarp needs to prevent further damage to a property: which is a policy condition of all insurance carriers. When damage strikes a roofing system, a structure is at its most vulnerable as the elements can quickly make their way inside - wetting insulation, personal property, or walls and floors.

Tree removal
Need a tree removed from your home or business? We've got your back! If you are considering whether or not to file an insurance claim, know that typical policies owe the reasonable cost to remove a tree from a structure and drop it to the ground. Once the tree is on the ground it is considered "debris". Payment for debris removal is often limited by the insurance company. We'll be careful with your limits and communicate with you effectively so you aren't unexpectedly left holding the bag.

Ice dams
Ice dams are an extremely common cause of loss during the winter months. Ice that forms along the eaves or edges of the roof perimeter can prevent melting snow from properly draining. In older roofing systems especially, this is a recipe for disaster, as water is then able to back up behind the ice dam often leaking into the structure. Knowing how to properly remove ice from a roof without damaging the shingles is critical. Understanding how water damage travels through a given structure is also paramount, as missed water damage will turn to mold if left unmitigated.

Between Watermark Restoration Solutions and their partner company, Trademark Building Solutions, we have licensed adjusters, licensed builders, and HAAG certified roofing inspectors on staff to assist in even the largest property restoration project. Why chance storm damage to anyone but the experts?

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storm damage mitigation ann arbor mi
storm damage mitigation ann arbor mi