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When a water damage situation is of a chronic nature (i.e. leakage over time) or when a water loss is not mitigated properly, microbial growth will form on structural materials and personal property. High humidity also greatly contributes to the growth process. An often cited statistic in the industry states that mold can begin to grow microscopically in as little as 48 hours given the right circumstances and environment. An interesting fact about mold: scientists have discovered approximately 100,000 different species of molds to date. There is an estimated 1,000,000 additional species of mold left to be discovered.

The IICRC S520 is the industry accepted Standard of Care by which mold is properly abated from a structure. Generally, a lot of building materials can be restored after visible growth has formed. More porous materials such as drywall and insulation should not be restored. At Watermark Restoration Solutions, we pride ourselves on our knowledge - living into the IICRC S520's Standards of Care. The recommendations we provide to business and homeowners derives from these ANSI standards, giving the property owner comfort in time of loss.

Is mold testing required? Does Watermark Restoration Solutions provide this service? Mold testing (air quality/surface sampling) is ultimately the only way to determine if microbial contamination exists, and what type of mold has colonized. It's important to note that only some species of mold are classified as "toxigenic", or capable of producing a toxic effect in mammalian cells. Whether testing is required or not depends on the situation. If mold has been found by a home inspector during the course of a sale, proof must be given to the potential buyer that the mold has been eradicated. The only real proof available is mold testing.

Watermark Restoration Solutions does not provide mold testing. This would be a conflict of interest, and no reputable mold remediation firm should offer such a service if they are the ones performing the removal and abatement service. Mold testing, while not required in every situation, is a very good idea as the independent hygienist is able to provide a written protocol for remediation based on the principles of the IICRC S520. The hygienist will also provide certified proof of a moldy-free environment, which protects all materially interested parties in the process.

Should I just tear out the mold and be done with it? No! Wait! We encourage you to at least discuss your project with us. Even if that discussion does not result in us getting your business, please give us an opportunity to provide some helpful suggestions to reduce the possibility of you cross-contaminating the remainder of your home. Containing the affected area, proper demolition techniques, and cleaning product recommendations are just some of the things we'd be happy to assist you with.

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