Mission & Tenets

Mission Statement - To help those in need by being honest, efficient, and resourceful.

Vision - To be the strongest locally owned / operated non-franchise restoration company in the state of Michigan.

Tenets - All Watermark Restoration Solutions employees honor the following tenets as a condition of employment.

  • We're Here To Help - This is at the core of our being. Nothing is more rewarding than helping someone. Knowing we are making a positive difference, caring about our customers / their end product translates to quality service and a quality way of life.
  • We're Honest - The industry is fraught with dishonest contractors, insurance fraud, and misrepresentation. Our people sleep very well going against this grain. We'll never tell you what you want to hear, only what you need to hear. There are no commission structures at our company and there never will be, which provides the consumer with a peace of mind during consultation.
  • We Don't Cut Corners - Performing processes correctly by adhering to the ANSI standards of the IICRC provides us confidence and safety. Cutting corners and deviating from the standard jeopardizes our passion for providing a quality of service second to none.
  • We Persevere - Our work is difficult. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Perseverance is contagious. Being strong and enduring through losses together builds teamwork and comradery.
  • We Challenge Each Other - Every employee is encouraged to question and challenge another's way of thinking. It's how we continuously improve. That continuous improvement enriches our lives as well as the services we provide.