Fire/Smoke Mitigation

Snuff Out Lingering Smoke and Fire Damage

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Not all smoke is created equal, and different types of fire create different types of smoke. Utilizing the wrong cleaning methods can actually cause further damage to a structure or to personal property. If you've suffered a kitchen fire, electrical fire, heater-fire or smoking related fire, Watermark Restoration Solutions, Inc. has the necessary IICRC certifications and newest specialty equipment for proper fire damage restoration in South Lyon, Ann Arbor & Livonia, MI.

Our team of licensed builders and former insurance adjusters are able to help you through all phases of smoke damage restoration. This includes testing, board-up services, documenting and emergency mitigation. We will also locate and remove odors, clean your property and can refer you to our trusted partners to complete full-service structural repairs.

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Understand the dangers of soot

The danger soot presents is often an underrepresented aspect of fire damage restoration. Completely removing leftover soot is extremely important, because soot is:

  • Corrosive-soot consists of metals, chemicals and soils which can easily pit and corrode metal such as ductwork, door knobs, plumbing fixtures and other finishes.
  • Damaging to lungs-soot particles, which are considerably smaller than dust or mold spores, will deeply penetrate the human lung when inhaled.
  • Carcinogenic-because of its toxic composition, soot has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a known human carcinogen.

We know what to look for and where soot likes to hide. Inexperienced restorers or contractors without specialty training will often miss overlooked areas. If this happens, residual odor will haunt your home or business until the source is fully addressed.

Don't take chances with your health, home or business. Let the pros at Watermark Restoration Solutions schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today!